so, me and my woman want to do a duet for the school choir concert, and we're kinda confused on what song to do. there's no theme, which makes virtually anything possible, besides christmas music, our teacher said.

so pit, any ideas on a boy/girl duet? and i mean stuff like Shiny Toy Guns, no cliche bullcrap
oh musical duet, when i read that title i was thinking you wanted a polite way to say something about sex

ummm fleetwood mac










It's A-material, trust me.
The time of my life, by some fruity band.
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
whiskey lullaby-Brad paisley with alison krauss pretty good song one of my favorite duets.
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Dead End by In Flames...

You KNOW it's a good idea
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Post modern Girls and Old Fashion boys by The Strokes w/ Regina Specktor. Love this song.
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If It Means A Lot to You by A day to remember and the girl from versaemerge
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Dr. Speakers
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whiskey lullaby-Brad paisley with alison krauss pretty good song one of my favorite duets.


Also, "Picture" By Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock.

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High School Musical....
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Broken by Seether with Amy Lee is my favorite duet..
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"Lua" Bright Eyes.

It could easily be turned into a fantastic duet. Simply, have one person sing during a verse at a time and then both of you sing the chorus.
Ih-Ah by the Devin Townsend Project.
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