Alright, so after a year of jamming on my Schecter C-1 XXX I've decided I'm now in the market for a new axe. While I love the guitar and has been a great intermediate guitar, I'm looking for something that'll have longer durability than my schecter's build (tiny pieces keep messing up throughout the months). I'm also looking for a guitar with a faster, thinner neck to open up for more lead possibilities, yet still can hold its own for rhythm work [and yes I know a lot of this is subjective].

I've been mainly looking at Ibanez guitars, and have been considering something in the RG or S series (higher tier of each guitar of course). My budget can reach about 12-13 hundred. I play metal, prog metal, hardcore, think BTBAM, Opeth, RATM, The Red Chord, Misery Signals. Thanks in advance

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for that price range i would suggest a PRS, they have some great guitars that would fit your budget.
S series Prestige is awesome, the S5470 I believe... similar to the RG but thinner, with a killer tremelo and mahogany body.


The RG's are very nice too, but I think the S is a little bit nicer than the entry level RG Prestiges, unless of course you're talking the neck thru models which are above your budget.
I always suggest looking at music stores, Ebay, Craigslist, or anywhere else where used guitars can be found and keeping an eye out for a used Jackson SL1. To me, it's one of the best guitars out there.