Hi all!

Sorry if this is not the right place for this topic but I couldn't figure out which one it is that is the right one.

Anyways I got a question for you axe wielders that went in music theory schools.
What did they teach you? I mean the first year, second, third (or how many it is).
If you remember please write it down, please. I will try to hunt down all that knowledge on the internet because there are no music schools near my town (It's a little isolated place in the darkest of Norway). So please write down the complete course line if you remember.

Thanks in advance!
i took two semesters of classical guitar...first year was all scales/chords/basic composition theory. second year included modes/advanced chords and odd time sigs.
im in school for jazz
in theory we learn species counterpoint first semester, basics of notation and major key sight singing
next semester we start minor key sight singing and chorale writing
2nd year
third semester we begin chromatism
fourth semester we do 20th century stuff

I know it's not a school or anything, but The Crusade articles are some of the best articles on UG. Especially for music theory.
Also, you might want to look into music theory grade books, they are like guitar grade books, only they do music theory instead of guitar stuff.

Hope this helps

If you can check around on google to find out what books the schools are using and buy them from amazon or somewhere. I just went around to all the local universities and checked their book stores but since you said you have no schools in the area I would just use google to look around. Here is a book store to help you get started click
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Why would people pay to go to a school if all the knowledge they would obtain cold be condensed into a post on a forum?