New song in my profile. I need a title for it, so suggestions would be great. The lyrics are as follows:


i’m a champ
i’m a vamp
i’m a tramp
with a stamp
hey you, look at me

i believe
i can see
with a reason
to take action

i’m lost
at the cost
of a brain
and strain
in smart conversation

i’m a dip
i’m a rip
i’m a tear
in the page of our generation

i’m sheak
i’m a freak
i’m a geek
i’m pathetic
i’m athletic
i’m a loser

i’m slow
and i go
at the pace that i want
‘cause i don’t wanna lose ya

i’m a cop
i’m a bookie
i’m a rookie
i’m a sinner
i’m a saint
i’m a thief

i’m a preacher
i’m a teacher
and i’ll reach you
and make you believe anything

Also, I goofed off on the end of the vocal track, so sorry about the lalalalala. haha. Hope you guys like it.

Any kind of feedback is great, even if you hate it, and I am open to suggestions on anything, I am new to song writing.
Title, maybe "I'm"? Or "I am"

Pretty simple and it doesn't say much but those titles don't give away to much of the song or pigeonhole the meaning.

Also the music is fantastic. Very cool. You are quite consistent on the cool factor.

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Thank you, bro! You let me know when you get some new ones done, too!

I was thinking maybe Ameratimes for a title, but it sounds too dry.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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Plain and simple - I liked it.

The intro caught me and got me into the right mood, and I stayed there during the whole song. The guitar riff and all the 'yeah' reminds me of Velvet Revolver (which I like, so plus points right there). It could have been a bit longer though, maybe a solo in the middle? Also, the verses are not done very cleverly, but on the other hand, it kinda suits the song, and it's something different so I guess it's allright. Overally, good job.

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Thanks, bro. I am on my way over to yours now! And sorry about the vocals. I am not very comfortable with my voice yet.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

Check out my Ebook!: Yogi Jam!
The intro is really catchy I must say, and the vocals are just incredible! You really have a voice that fits perfectly the genre of music you are playing.
Also, I must say the quality wasn't that bad, it was pretty good! Very cool riff throughout the song, but maybe you should vary a bit.

Other than that, it was overall a very cool song, definitely enjoyable!
Cheers for the crit bro
Thanks for the c4c man. I will add you to my friends.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

Check out my Ebook!: Yogi Jam!