So this is a bit of an odd style for me, but it fits in with how I play. Its kinda abstract, in its own way. I know my double tracked acoustic guitars are off, it was a bit of a complicated rythem I used, hopefully its not too bad. I really think this song would benefit from some simple vocals, but idk. What do ya'll think?


it wasn't exactly my cup of tea in terms of style however i still liked it none the less. I really liked the melodies you created in the lead however i thought that the tone and the rhythm you were playing underneath the lead didn't fit too well. Something i thought you could have done better on was spicing up your rhythm a little bit. each note seemed to be evenly spaced apart which got repetitive towards the end. despite that, it think it is a great song and would be KILLER with some drums/bass/vocals.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1246494 - there's a draft of a new song i wrote if you feel kind enough to critique it.
Yeah, I know, I was trying to transpose chords from Drop C standard tuning to the Drop D tuning I was using on my Acoustic guitar.

I might just rewrite the entire song, so it fits better, I kinda threw it together real quick.
I tried your link, but it didnt work.