I need a new amp for metal which amp should i get?

but yeah im being serious.

Right now i have a B-52 At112 but i want something different and also i am going off to college in like 6months so i want something i could also take with me without it being too much of a bother.

First of all, how much do you think i should sell the B-52 for? what would be a fair price? i paid about 400 total for it.

Secondly, i like all types of metal (everything from Megadeth to Nile and everything in-between). I also like classic/hard rock (think Led Zeppelin, GNR, etc).

Whats the best amp for me? Actually, this B-52 is doing just fine but i just wanted something different and SMALLER (for college).

My budget is less than 600USD and i am willing to go used.

Blackstar Ht-5 looks cool.
I've also looked at the Bugeras, but 120watts is just........well....you know.....
What other options do i have?

EDIT: also, do you think i can get away with a loud tube amp in college? that would open up so many more options. i could just play it at really low volumes kinda like i do now with my 60watt B-52 in my room.
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You could always get a Valvetronix amp and use the attenuator to limit the volume when you’re in your room. And you’ll still be able to open it up if you take it somewhere.
And the Bugera v5 would also give you the attenuator in a very small all-tube amp.
I don't think either the V5 or the Valvetronix are suited to metal. Rock maybe, but not metal.
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I don't think you're not going to find a metal-voiced, tube combo thats any smaller than the b-52. Maybe look getting a POD or something you can play with headphones?

EDIT: wait...you want something to take to college with you without being a 'bother' but then you a head/cab is a plus
I would suggest a Randall... It would have to be a new RM22 that you'd have to get later this winter probably And it might exceed your budget... But With two modules you can do SO much... The SL+ Literally DOES cover everything from Megadeth to Nile, and can be dialed down to cover Zeppelin (does it better with a mod for a low/high gain switch)
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