I have found few useful threads about this topic. I play jazz, blues, and funk music on a seven string guitar, and am looking at a way to get a warmer tone. I've heard flatwound strings could help, but have also heard that they don't last as long. I would like to get your opinions on the two, involving any useful information, cost, life, playability ect. I would like information, not a fight, so please don't start one being better then the other, just information and useful opinions. Thank you.
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they make it a bit harder to bend aswell, harder to grip.. def give a cool tone, but you'll most likely have to adapt your playing style to them
whoops, yes I meant flatwounds, have just changed that.

also, I'm currently playing on a set of 10's on my seven string, but I noticed that 11's where the lightest I could find, for the D'Addario, which are what I use. What would be good to get gauge-wise while still being able to bend reasonably?
well if you want a warmer tone, dont use too much treble. i usually crank the mids and bass actually. thicker strings help. i use 12s i think most jazz players use bigger strings as well. not a lot of bendind in jazz.
but I also play blues, and a like to use bends, but I like a warmer sound, even when playing blues.
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but I also play blues, and a like to use bends, but I like a warmer sound, even when playing blues.

so do i. i bend a lot actually. you get used to them really. its like playing acoustic kinda with 12s. you might need to get your guitar set up if you get 12's. you need to change the intonation first of all. i personally made the nut slots bigger so that the strings wouldnt be so high and hard to press down. i did this with a knife which i would advise you dont do. you could ruin the nut. try maybe the ernie ball beefy set which is 11-54. kind of between 12s and 11's. you dont really need to do anything to the nut and it still sounds nice and full.

but you said you play on a 7 string. do you only play on a 7 string?
well, I have a classical acoustic, and a bass, but other then that i only have the one seven string.

also the action on my guitar is really low, so I'll probably need to intonate the guitar, and maybe change the nut, or widen this one?
I've played both before, and just really like the feel and sound of normal strings much better than flatwounds. They just sound "dead" to me.

BUT, I think this is just a completely personal preference. Buy a pack of whatever you haven't used before and try it out. It will definitely give you a different sound.
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i also like the jazz tones you get from flatwounds, but the problem with flatwounds is that they're pretty much a one trick pony imo. dont get me wrong jazz is my main forte on guitar, but i also like funk and blues, and although flatwounds arent bad for blues, anything that needs a bit of high end doesnt work too well (i.e. funk) now that i have my hollowbody which i play more now, i'll keep that one with my regular roundwounds, and my solid body which i dont use as much i'll string with flatwounds on occasion.
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I'd love to pick up a second guitar, but I love playing on them seven-string guitars, everything else feels so weird anymore. Also I'm on a tight budget, so I can't get any of the ones I'd like. I'd love to pick up a seven-string archtop, but their in the $2000-$3000 range for a decently priced one. Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open.