Should I be worried at all? Seems like a giant crack to me. It's an epi LP
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where that gap is, i believe the neck actually ends there and the FB hangs over the body. But still, looks like a fair bit of wood is missing from there :/
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There's a fairly big chunk missing near the enck pocket, and the way the grain looks on the right doesnt seems right. To me it looks like a botched job from Epiphone, probably someone anxious about going to lunch... if you bought it recently try to get it exchanged. It looks like it can have an impact on the neck joint, as well as it is near the glue line on the body, which isnt good at all structuraly.
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all i can tell you is that looks nasty.....
you should probably take it in too a repair shop when you have time and see whats up with that...........cause it looks bad, at least from my perspective, there shouldm't be giant chunks of wood missing fro a guitar like that...............its just plain wrong!
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Should I be worried at all?
Let's put it this way: There's nothing in that pic that gives me a feeling of security.
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Its gotta go down as shocking workmanship and poor quality control. Looking closely at it i'd say someone has botch it up and then tried to drop a filler in, if you look to the left and right u can see the grain change, it would seem they even managed to botch this up resulting in the gap. If this is new then take it back, if it 2nd hand/used then you have 2 options.
Option 1 see if you can find a luthier or cabinet maker to take a look at it, they may be able to splice in a new piece which may not be very cheap.
Option 2 fill with a resin glue, its the cheapest option, normaly resin glue is a powder u mix with water it can be poured in it will work its way around the cavity bonding and filling.
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Let's put it this way: There's nothing in that pic that gives me a feeling of security.

This. Is that blood on the binding at the end of the fretboard?
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I have absolutely nothing to say, other than you shoudl probably try to get a refund. thats just scary

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Let's put it this way: There's nothing in that pic that gives me a feeling of security.

The pickguard screw seems to be reasonably secure

Really though, that is not what you want to see when you open a guitar.
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I would get a refund if it's possible, if you drop the guitar there's a fair chance it will break with a big gap right there. Out of curiosity , is this an LP 100, or an LP plus top?
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Thats not a slip of a tool thing there. Thats just pure "ah screw it send it thru anyways". Makes you wonder how bad epis QC can eventually get. Its amazing how many poorly built ones make it to shops. Seems if they spent all of 3$, yes labor in china is that cheap, at the factory on doing a little better job and actually doing QC they would be able to have alot less bstocks, blems etc.

I got an epi a while back and you think somebody would have noticed the bridge pickup didnt work or that it had left handed knobs but right handed controls.

And I remember playing a particularly crappy LP custom in a shop in beijing china that had the set up in USA sticker on it. Like they would actually ship it to the states then back to china and the action, intonation, and neck relief be no where near right.
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Seems like a bit is missing, nothing to worry about if it handles strings fine. Just put some nice wood glue and a piec of wood there and that should do the trick, if it handled strings properly, there should be no reason to be worried. Now, if there were noises and stuff when putting strings on then yes, Youd be better of making a BBQ out of it,
looks to me like the neck wood was missing a little bit on the end of the tenon when they installed it... typical. Use good glue, maybe a 2 part epoxy to fill it... it should be ok if it hasn't had problems yet.
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The grain on the right is going the wrong way. a crap-ass laminite body job. That gap can be made stable with Epoxy and mentioned above. pour it in and fill the gar and have the guitar neck towards the floor so it dry level to the route.
I didn't know epi still did plywood bodies?! anyway while it looks really shitty judging by how deep the missing wood looks to go you still have enough wood contacting the body to not worry about the neck snapping off...as you can see the right hand part of the fretboard is glued to the ply as well as the neck wood so it will be nice and strong
This is why I don't buy Epi's or Gibby's. I've been warning people about how lousy quality control has really gotten. Even without ripping apart the GC epi's they have, feeling alone is enough to make me want to kill myself rather than play another Epi. Seeing that just confirms my hatred.

Judging from the dust around the bindings, I'd say he's had it long enough for Epi to give him the finger.
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I've never had the opportunity to check out the actual wood on any of the Epiphones that have come through my store (the primer covers up the grain in the control cavities) but I do know the outside of the naturally-finished "mahogany" bodies are some sort of veneer. If you look on the edges of the bodies, you can see the seems.
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Seen this sort of thing a million times (I used to do all Gibson and Epiphone warranties, but declined doing them a few years ago). Sure, it looks bad. But you'll never have a problem. You could loose half the wood (or glue) in the neck join and still have a stable neck.

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Out of curiosity , is this an LP 100, or an LP plus top?

on the lp100 there is no neck binding.... so im guessing plain or plus top standard!