Hi! Not sure if this is the correct category to post this in.

But anyway.
Up until yesterday, my Agile 2500 started having problems. When I would play, the distortion would sound flat and "empty" you could say. So, I figured it must be the battery on my emg pickups (active). So I changed the battery and STILL this problem happened. I checked the input for the guitar cable, nothing seemed wrong. I opened the back and nothing seemed wrong (although I don't know anything about wiring). So I tried my old Fender Strat out to see if it was the amp. The Strat sounded fine, the distortion was the same, everything was fine. Tried my Agile, same problem. I have no idea what could be wrong with it and I don't want to take it to some professional who's gonna charge me <$100 to fix something that's small.
If anyone knows what the problem could be, please reply!

Also, this was a used guitar. I contacted the previous owner, he said it sounds like a loose connection on a supply wire or somewhere between the battery and the pickup. Of course, I have no idea what that means or how to fix it. So please help! Thanks!
You poor soul, EMG's just sound lifeless anyway. Thats the price you pay for the high output. Especially if you play out of a solid state amp.
No, he's just being obnoxious because he doesn't like how EMGs sound.

You are going to have to check the wiring. If you don't know how to do that, now's the time to learn.
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Up until yesterday, my Agile 2500 started having problems. When I would play, the distortion would sound flat and "empty" you could say.
What does "up until yesterday" mean?

Are you saying the sound was okay before, but starting yesterday it changed to sounding flat and empty?
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No, he's just being silly.

There's no way for us to tell you what's wrong from that description.

Here's what you do:

First, open up the electronics cavity on the guitar. Visually inspect every wire to make sure it's solidly soldered on each end.

get your multi-meter (or borrow one if you don't have one) and set it to the ohms (resistance) setting. Remove the battery from the guitar and unplug the guitar from the amp. Then start checking the connections between places that should be connected (ie. places that have a wire between them) with the meter. They should all read zero ohms. If you find one that reads more than that, that's your problem and you'll have to re-solder that wire.

If you don't find one, plug the battery back in and plug the guitar in, and start playing. Then wiggle wires. If one makes a ton of noise when you wiggle it, that's your culprit. Also try turning pots and flipping switches.

If that still doesn't find the problem, use the ohm meter to check the resistance across your pots. It should be whatever it says on the pot case. Check to make sure the center contact of the pot does what it's supposed to.

If that doesn't work, set your meter to DC volts and make sure that the voltage from the power to ground on each EMG pickup is 9v.

If none of this finds your problem, take it to a tech.
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Substitute the stage for the wire, and he's got it.
I had this problem once, almost same exact story. My strat worked fine and my guitar with EMGs was all dead sounding. I replaced the battery to no avail so then I figured, well one is active and one is passive so maybe thats the problem, cause it certainly COULDN'T be my guitar . Anyways, turns out it was my guitar cable. I was using one that I just found in the closet and for some reason it wasn't working with active pickups. You could try changing your cable out.