...every tab by Dethklok says this?

"The material that was posted to this page was removed from the site. Ultimate Guitar received a takedown notice from the copyright owner claiming that the user submission was an infringement of their rights. In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have removed the submission as requested by the owners.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act gives the person who posted the material the right to file a counter notice to dispute the removal of the material. If you posted the material and you believe the identification of the material as infringing was incorrect and that your submitted material should be reinstated then you must submit a formal counter notification with the information set forth here."

I understand what it means, but why every single song?
Maybe Dethklok's management complained?

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Well they're not going to just take down one song are they?
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Maybe Dethklok's management complained?

makes UG sound important
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not hated
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You mean Charles Ofdensen.

I don't know! I don't even listen to Dethklok.

There's blood in the water
Sinking, always sinking