If you could form a super group with anyone in the history of music who would you have?
Guitar 1: Joe Satriani
Guitar 2: Jimmy Page
Bass: John Entwistle
Drums: John Bonham
Vocals/Keys: Matthew Bellamy
Guitar: John frusciante
Vocals: Farris rotter
Bass: Computer generated
Organ: Coffin joe
Vocals 2: The dude from Enter shikari
Drums: Probably Bohnam
Guitar 2: John lee hooker

It'd be interesting
guitar 1:Jimi Page
Guitar 2:Rory Gallagher
Bass:Geddy Lee
Drums:John Bonham
Vocals/guitar:John Lennon
Vocals:Jim Morrison or Robert Plant (to close to call, probally morrison).
keys:Ray Manzarek or Ian Mcclagan (the faces)
ultimate blues-rock/classic rock band right there...
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Peavey max 158 bass amp
Fender Bassman 250
1979 Carvin of some sort
And some pedals
Bono on Vocals
Sting on Vocals, Bass
David Gilmour on Vocals, Lead Guitar, occasional Saxophone
Matt Bellamy on Synth, Keyboards, Lead Guitar occasionally
John Mayer on Rhythm Guitar
Stewart Copeland on Drums
Doomsday Arsenal - alternative/progressive
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Guitar: Tom Morello

Guitar: Dimebag Darrell

Bass: Flea

Drums: Lars Ulrich

Vocals: Bruce Springsteen