I was orignially going to get the bugera v22 but it has back ordered and i
didnt really want to wait so can u guys recomend me a good amp

I have a $400 or lower budget
Im in to like rush zeppelin and clapton
i dont really want to go used
B52 AT-112

Great for most anything, gig worthy, cheap as you're going to get for a decent tube amp.

v Forgot about those, yeah, get one of them. Jet City JCA20 is the model you're looking for.
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Jet City?
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Jet City JCA20H
Bugera v55

Thats all i can think of new, i cant comment much on the bugera, but the JCA and Handsome Devil are great amps, especially for bedroom practice, although both can be used to gig.

If you change your mind and decide to go used than you could probably pick up a peavey classic 30, which is also a great amp.
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