My guitar was way louder than the track the whole time
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Including the palm muted bit at the start?

I didn't enjoy it. But then, I'm only a casual Muse fan so I dunno why I'm posting here.
well..we can hear the guitar thats for sure...i think there were some mistakes in some parts..it didnt sound Fluid as it should...especially at 1:15 solo...you should keep training and maybe play some other Muse songs that arent as hard as TIRO, try plugin Baby or Blackout.
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I thought muse songs are suppose to be in the level of easy(refferin to guy above me..)

for this cover... the tone of ur guitar are pretty rough... but nvm... ur playing need some more polishing... this is not really a hard song to play.... in time... you'll be able to play it smoothly....

good luck...