So I'm new to this whole song writing/composing business. I was wondering how you write your riffs, your chorus', your verses', your break downs, your bridges, and maybe you could explain them to me.

When I usually try and write me a riff, I do fine, but then it goes no where from there. I mean usually I can write something from that riff, and then right something else from that riff, and so on and so forth.

I started using Fruity Loops and creating drum pieces for some of my riffs, but I usually only have about two to four riffs. How many separate riffs do you usually have in a song? I know there's verse, chorus, verse, etc. etc. And how many times do you usually play your riffs until you transition to the next riff?

I'm trying to understand writing until you have a complete song, etc. At least when you're a single guitarist trying to write a song without a complete band. You know?

Here's something I'm working on, but it sounds really repetitive:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goA9qVnCHYA

This thing I'm working, I don't even know what sound it is genre wise. I'd really like to create some solid death metal mixed with some breakdowns and hardcore punk beats.
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this isn't bad.
this is what i think you need to improve:

1.Do a lead riff over the first 30 seconds.
2. add a solo in around 1:32 then go into the riff that starts around then.
3. do a dive bomb and then a little fast outro and then you should be fine.
when i write i dont even think about the structure of the song. most of the time i end up writing freeflowing songs with riffs that dont repeat later in the song, but sometimes i tend to follow more traditional rock/pop formulas as well.
the best advice i can give you is to do what feels right, just let it flow, and practice. try to write as much as you can, even if you are not completely satisfied with some of your work you will get better over time. good luck.
Try not to stick to a 'formula' as you seem to have asked for. If all your songs are going to be "intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown, chorus, outro" don't bother being the composer of your outfit. BUT there is no problem with starting with that to get into it, then exploring alternate structures and ideas.

The same goes for repetitions of riffs... or of beats or time sigs or tempos. Start with something simple.

OR, learn how your favorite bands structure songs and work off of that. That's what I've done.

Sometimes a riff needs to repeat 20 times, sometimes you play it once and move on.