Ok so im trying to decide between an agile al3100, an ibanez artcore fwd60, or a PRS santana se2. The costs dont matter, theyre all on craigslist. I play through a vox ad120vt. I play mainly pop, punk, rock, indie and some metal. Im just looking for some opinions and suggestions on what would be best. I like the look of all of them. Im looking for smooth cleans and ability to handle a fair amount of gain. my squire just isnt working for me right now. thanks!!
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Out of those three, the 3100.
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Since I haven't played an Agile yet, I'm gonna go with the PRS.
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Agile for sure! The stock pickups in the Agile are really good! Alnico Vs
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I'd rather have the PRS
But the Agile are great as well
I wouldn't get a IBanez for your style