hey guys, ive been looking for a new cab for my new (well used but you get the point) Marshall JMP 2203. i really like the sound of the 4x25 watt greenbacks. i prefer a straight cab. im looking for a classic rock, acdc, led zep sound. i think ive narrowed it down to the 425B and the 1960BX. my question to you is which one should i get? if you have any other suggestions, brands, styles, comments, rumors, or acussations, please let me know. thanks!
^that's the idea of craigslist. It is like a newspaper ad. You call, ask questions, set up an appointment, check it, make an offer.

I see some cabs on here. There are some Marshall and Mesa cabs I wouldn't mind having and some other worthy cabs.

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ok cool. i'll definitely look into some of those. how bout new ones?

EDIT: if you need anymore info on what i like, im also a big fan of the early 70's marshall cabs with greenbacks
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The 425 cab is ok, the custom Celestions in that one actually sound really good and are the same speakers that Marshall put in their JH100 limited edition stack a few years ago. The 425 is the only place you can get them now and trust me, they sound killer. The 1960bx is a good cab, I'm actually buying a 1960ax this weekend. But both the actual cabinets are only so-so. Construction on most new Marshall cabinets are ok now, but if you're buying used, a lot of them from the past few years are only average at best, some are downright bad.

Also, make sure that it's greenbacks that you are into, and not G12H30s. Greenbacks have an unmistakable, characteristic tone, but I'm not a huge fan of most high wattage amps (50 watts and up) pushing a quad of them because they break up very early and the bass turns to mush very quickly.
the Orange cabs can be good. just make sure they have a bass reflex system. a quad box with green backs in them would sound great. i haven't tried this but greenbacks are good speakers.
ok cool. i really wanna try out those custom JH speakers now. tell me how the ax sounds when you get it
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how do the vintage 30's in the 1960bv's differ from the original V30's? i know the ones in the 1960bv are a total output of 70 watts whereas the originals are 60 watts. any other difference besides wattage?