Hi, i recently purchased a new guitar equipped with a floyd rose tremolo, now since i set it up and started using it i have had to adjust the spring tension a few times because its almost as if the springs are stretching.

basically, i make it level with the body, play a few songs, do a few dive bombs, look at the bridge, OH **** IT NEEDS TO BE ADJUSTED.

is this normal?, should i add another spring? etc
Which way is the bridge going. If it's sinking into the cavity then that would mean the strings are being stretched or there is something loose. If it's going away from the cavity then that would be spring stretching if it existed.
Make sure the locking nut is securely tightened and make sure your strings are stretched properly. Floyd Rose springs last a pretty long time, but if you really feel like you need to change them they're pretty inexpensive at a local guitar shop.