Okay, so I like to jam (electric) with my friend who drums but now that I've recently gotten a lot more into acoustic as well, I want to play some acoustic stuff with him. Only problem is, without any type of PA system an acoustic guitar isn't Loud enough. The only thing I could do to amplify the sound is record into a mic and play it through audacity, but there's about a 1/2 second delay on the playback, and that throws things off. I tried hooking up the computer to my amp while recordingthrough a USB mic, but it doesn't work. How can I amplify the sound without a PA system.

Buying an acoustic-electric and installing pickups are not options at the time.
If its just jamming I suppose you could play it on the electric untill it comes time to record or play live. if its really important to get the sound, your gonna have to get some electricity behind ya (maybe electric drums if hes got money to spend)
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mic the guitar and put it through an amp
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it costs like 30 bucks
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mic the guitar and put it through an amp

What's a decent and cheap mic to use? Cuz all I have is a USB mic.
Just tell your friend to use brushes and to get dampeners for his drum set Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Muffler and
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soundhole pickup.
it costs like 30 bucks

Sweet thanks man! Didn't know they're so cheap and easy to use. Got my solution