Hey guys,

Im a complete beginner so sorry if this question sounds stupid/silly, but over the past day or 2, ive noticed that after I've played and released the strings of a chord, there seems to be a buzz/whine sound that comes about. Its not as bad when playing a lower chord like E but when i play and release, say, the D chord, I can definately hear it. Ive been only playing the guitar for over a week now, but im pretty sure it didnt sound like that before hand.

I re-tuned the strings, cleaned the fretboard and even tried to play the chord differently but it didnt seem to help. The only time it doesnt buzz out is when i let the strings resonate out and then switch.

Could it be my technique? Strings? Hardware?

Im playing an Epi LP Special II , I know the guitar is pretty un-loved on these boards but there was something about it that I liked (aswell as the cut price tag)

Thanks again and have a good one!
Well they will buzz because when you release a chord, you release the pressure. At some part of that release, there will be a point where it's in between the muted and fretted state.
If it's what I think it is, just release the chord quicker.