Hi, I remember hearing this tremolo song a long time ago, but forgot the name of the song. The tune goes like this: A E F D E C

I search a whole evening for this song and wasn't able to find it. Anyone can help me out?
we are going to need more information than that. there are many songs with that chord pattern. Do you remember any words?
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there are many songs with that chord pattern.

God, I hope not. Are those notes of chords TS? We need to know a bit more.
the way he said the tune went like A E F D E C I thought he meant how the guitar was tuned. I have no idea what the song is since there are a ton of songs with tremolo in it....
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try playing this:

5A (1Ex3) 4E (1Ex3) 4F (1Ex3) 4D (1Ex3) 4E (1Ex3) 5C (1Ex3)

where (1Ex3) is tremolo top E
5A is 5th string open A
4E is 4th string 2nd fret E
4F is 4th string 3rd fret F
4D is 4th string open D
5C is 5th string 3rd fret C

this is a really fast piece. any ideas what it's called?

edit: I just found this song. It's called Asturias (Leyenda)
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