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captain crunch
14 40%
Voters: 35.
for that price, the floyd must be extremely questionable, an OFR alone cost more than that guitar. If you've been playing for almost 4 years, or more (as your join date would suggest) i would hold off and buy a better guitar.

EDIT: also, how does 2 votes no, 2 votes yes and 2 votes captain crunch each get 50%? that adds up to 150%???

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yea if youve been playing for 4 years i'd get something a little better. but $200 for a neck-thru guitar, that sounds great. I've always wanted to play one of these to see how they really are.
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$200 I would say yes if you don't expect to gig with it any time soon. So yes for shits and giggles, and no for anything serious.
Haha, the poll is really messed up o.O


Hmmm, the internet didn't study maths hard whilst at school, did he?

I've actually heard good things about Douglas guitars, but I'm SO sceptical about ANY cheap Floyd.
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yeah I'm sceptical also, but I won't be doing anything serious with it and if it plays nice maybe put some good pickups and trem in? Haha. I love the poll stats
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yea if youve been playing for 4 years i'd get something a little better. but $200 for a neck-thru guitar, that sounds great. I've always wanted to play one of these to see how they really are.

A neck thru doesn't always mean its great...
i have bought 3 guitars from Douglas. 3 each in succession being terrible made. the Floyds were a complete disaster.. do not purchase. not even if your life depended on it.

And i meant the last line COMPLETE SUICIDE
This poll is 131.25% mathtarded.

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I really question the quality of these Agile's more and more every day. $200 for a neck-thru and a licensed Floyd? Not without cutting some major corners. This is almost getting to those Chinese fakes territory. I'm sure the lower cost is cause its probably a direct buy from them but still I wonder what all these Agile owners will say in 5 years time if their guitars are still holding up. I'd look elsewhere
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^It isn´t an Agile, it´s just sold by the same company.

I voted for all three options because I have never played a Douglas and cannot make a recommendation.
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Yea you're right, but its off that site. I dunno, I just don't trust it thats all (that guitar or site). Doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, just my opinion
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I have played SX which come from that site and are even cheaper than the Douglases. It was certainly good for 60$ or whatever it cost, but it was still what you would expect of a super cheapo guitar in the <150$ range.

I´m assuming Douglas is the same way because people don´t rave about them. The hype about Agiles mostly comes from the middle/upper end Agiles, and I´ve heard people say the lower end ones are no where near the quality of the more expensive. I have tried only the expensive ones (>400$) and they were definitely nice.
If you only have $200 to spend get a hardtail. Do you want to play a guitar or just spend a lot of time tuning and tweaking?
I have a Douglas WRL fixed bridge model which is similar and to my surprise it turned out to be a much better guitar than expected. I was going to give it as a gift to a beginner but changed my mind after I plugged it in and tried it out. I have a new respect for Douglas since and all the ones I tried have been very decent. As far as the LFR goes they are hit or miss some can be very good while some junk. Rondo music seems to use decent ones on their guitars. Rondo is a great source for guitars that are good for beginners and seasoned guitarists. I would say later think about swapping the pups. Actually I wish they would leave the single coil out I find these middle pick ups to be more or less useless.

Buy it, the LFR's are actually not that bad. I have a Douglas with LFR and it stays in tune after dive bombing and high pullups. I have also spoken to several people who own this guitar and they all love it.