We are looking for a drummer, we are thinking about writing/recording songs with the help of a friend who is a drummer (but he is too busy with his other band to play with us fulltime). We figure it will be hard to find a drummer without having some material to show them what we are like/what our sound is. Is this a good idea?

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in a way yes, it can show the new drummer what your going for,

on the other hand, a drummer always wants to put his own flare to things, so if you record the guitars,bass, vox and mix down (that before you record the drums and do a final mix down)and then give it to a drummer thats interested in joining the band he will try to put a track down to it, make sure if you do do it that way all you the rest of the band (guitars/vox/bass) is all in time with a click track .
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Yeah, sounds solid.

I'd feel a lot more comfortable joining a band if I could hear some of their material before accepting.
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