I can't say much more than I did in the title; this is a short, Post-Grunge/Alternative song. Just like the instruments, the vocal melody doesn't take any "breaks"; it keeps on moving.
Kind-of Like Sugar.zip
maybe change the guitar line every once in a while that one just drove me crazy
I was kind of hoping that the vocals being over it would stop it being from repetitive; other than the bridge, there is no part of the song that is solely instrumental. If you'd like to take a look at the lyrics, they're in my signature, next to the link for the GP5/4.
Hey man, thanks for your crit.

Critting as I'm listening:

Verse 1: This reminds me of something, I cant put my finger on it, but I really dig it. It's really promising. I would love to hear this all recorded with vocals. Good transition into the chorus.

Chorus1: Good variation of the Verse Chords. Sounds good to me.

Verse and Chorus 2: The same as above, but you could may need some variation in this. Or a really good vocal line.

Bridge: This part is pure Awesome. I love the guitar, the drums, and really everything. This is part where you can start dancing around. Good transition into the Chorus.

Chorus 3: Nothing really new here. I really like the short drum variation you have at the ending and how it fades out. Nothing more to say about this.

So, all in all, with a good vocal line you have a really amazing song. I'd totally buy this song.
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I'm not into that kind of music and I usually don't care about vocals/lyrics that much, soo... I have to second KCBAND here.
I don't really know if this song could be called catchy because the chord changes in the chorus weren't that good and iriated me at first. Some of those things you have to listen to a few times, I guess.

And you should work on your 3line crits.
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