I actually never thought about this until my girlfriend asked me. So lets have a look at how much money(lets keep the currency in US dollars please) you spend on your guitar each year.
PS - I dont mean some behind-the-glass-show-only vintage guitar, but a normal guitar that is played regularly.

Let me start
1) strings- Rotosound RHg 9-42 ~60$
2) Dunlop formula no.65 set ~60$
add more
Of late, not much.

I used to drop all the money I made at gigs into gear, so probably a few thousand a year. But these days I have more stuff than I know what to do with, so probably just a few hundred a year in strings, picks and cables to replace ones that died. I guess I bought an Eventide Timefactor this year too. So that's another 500.
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I totally forgot aboot cables and picks! Cables are another 60 bucks and picks about 20-25$.
I've only been playing alittle over two years but I know it's alot. Especialy if the cost of lessons counts...

Heh, I just figured it out for a year.

Strings: $150
Picks: $20ish
Set-ups: $60

btw, one set of the violin strings I use cost as much as all those guitar strings. I wonder how guitar strings are so cheap. I'm not complaning though.
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Strings like $30, Picks like $10, so I'd say $40? I don't spend a lot on guitar stuff, my parents are too cheap.

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Guitars themselves I don't buy too frequently, but as a gear freak I'm spending maybe £100-200 every month on guitar stuff...
I don't even know where ot begin working out my average yearly spend-up. On the one hand I've had years like last year where I bought my Gibson, an amp and three other guitars all in the space of six months. On the other hand this year I've bought one amp and that's been it. Hell, my Gibson still has the same strings it had when it left the factory a year and a half ago. I think if I worked out my average it would only be about £300 per year or so, but that's skewd very heavily since I've had two years where I spent a fortune and three or so years where I've spent virtually nothing.
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Uh, In the past year I've spent...

£120 on a new guitar
Around £70 on strings/picks
£30 on cables
£50 on recording gear (which was shit)
£100 on guitar related tools and wood for a top.

Yeah, this has been a cheap year, 2008 I spent more like £1000 on guitars + related things.
Depends really, but it seems to be slowin down as I've got a few great guitars and aren't so trigger happy about buying another one. Also my amp is bought, so I don't need to think about that atm.

Can see myself spending about 500 quid next year though to get a semi-hollow and a 1x12 extension for my amp.
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