“One Way Cul-de-sac”

I’m driving a car.
And I’m at a dead end.
And I’m out of gas.
And I can’t go back.
Because it’s an one-way street.
The pavement has run it’s course. And I’m not driving an off-road car.
It’s my absurd law.

If I was a president or a mayor.
I would not make laws just to bring myself joy.
Actually, I’d do the opposite.
And my enemies would be happy.
But I’m not important enough to have any.
And I can only hope to help someone out.
But all hope is lost.
And I have nothing to do but stare at the sky.
Wishing that I could…

All I see is her and all I think of is her.
And don’t you think if I could just move on that I wouldn’t.
It’s just not that easy.
I should be used to the fact that I won’t be remembered.
Not by you or anyone.
But you forgetting me hurts the most.
Because I’m so small in your existence.
Even though you’re the most important thing to me.

I’m stuck, I can’t forget. All I do is remember.
I hate it so much, I’m in a prison, a self-made jail.
And the one person who can post my bail.
Is the reason I’m here.

“This Is My Blood and It’s Here Because of You”

Finally after three months in the waiting room, the doctor has something to say.
He said that there’s been irrevocable damage and it might not ever be the same.
And that I’ll just have to wait and see.
And let everything play out.
But now, I don’t even know if it’s worth it.
Maybe it’s better off dead.
Because there’s no pain, no anguish, no arguments.

And how do you expect me to react.
When you say that we need some time off.
And that I’m just supposed to sit here and take your shit.
Until you’re back from your little social experiments.
To be friends again.
Well, **** that!

Well, I guess if you look at it without bias.
Neither of us are wrong or right, bad or good, just like flat and sharp.
But I have bias and as far as I’m concerned you’re wrong.
And I can’t help but be angry.
And I don’t know if we can be in the same band, nonetheless friends.
I’m tired of calling and hearing other voices.
And your’s is filled with annoyance.
Just because it’s me.

But, I guess if you want to be around your cool friends, instead of me.
That’s your choice.
But just you know, that’s my blood.
And it’s here because of you.

“True Love Stops”

The redness of your face really brought out your eyes.
And they emphasized your yellow shirt.
And the black pants really brought it all together.
And the glasses and the belt were a nice topping.
You talk, I smile. You think nothing of it.
I smile at you as we pass.
You look down. I look down.
Were you nervous? Were you excited?
Did you feel any attraction?
Any stimulation?
Any thought at all?

Was that you at the mall, at the zoo, at the show?
Or in that relationship?
My worst nightmare come true.’
Some guy takes advantage.
Comes along, says some nice words.
Then he takes it from you.
And he breaks it off after he has what he wants.
True love stops.
And then he shows it to all his friends.
Calls you a slut.
Then goes onto the next one

“I Don’t What I’m Going to Do (And I Think I Like It)”

At least my life isn’t completely planned out.
At least I don’t know what I’m going to do.
I think it’s going to be interesting.
The greatest movie preview I’ve ever seen.
An actor without lines.
The director says improvise.

And I’m so unsure.
But it’s okay.
My life so unsecure.
I don’t know if I like that part or not.

So, I’ll just sit back.
And let it all flow over me.
Light a cigarette and inhale and never exhale.
It’s all flowing through me.
Surrounding me.

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