So yeah, what are some embarassing things that have happened to you or your band on stage durring a gig?

I have a lot of them, such as:

One time I dropped my pick during a song and this pick managed to fly on to the stage's stairs. So I actually walked down the stairs to get the pick and hitting my bass's head stock on the railing knocking it out of tune. It wasn't until after I did that I realized I had a pocket full of picks I could've grabbed.

Not really on stage but, in a battle of the bands me and my band entered we came in 3rd place out of 3 bands. We lost to a generic sreamo band and a Creed knock-off band.

There was also this time when we were playing our last song I was hoping to like do a big ending by like sliding my guitar on the mic stand and all that stuff. But when the ending came around one of my guitars that was set to the side decided to fall right out of the stand and on to the power strip thingy I had my pedals plugged into and managed to unplug one of pedals, which of course cut off the entire signal. So when the ending came around instead of doing a big ending I was on my knees in front of my pedal trying to figure what the fuck just happened.

And of course there's been countless time of me being terribly out of tune and not having a tuner to fix it, or a drummer that would give me time to fix it.
But now I have a TU-2, so that's all fixed

So what are some of your humiliating experiences?
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using a crappy fender frontman amp and a squire affinity. i didn't have a pedal at the time so i needed someone else to switch the overdrive on for me for the solo.

everything was going AMAZING, we were all in time and i sounded good. time for the solo. i look at my "roady" he pushes the button.... silence. he had hit the volume knob for the overdrive and the volume was almost non-existent.

worst moment of my life
I went in a bar to play some acoustic songs. On my first song my b string broke. lol
That's it really.
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Hmm....I had to plug my electric straight into the PA system for my church band one time because the sound person had no idea what he was talking about. It sounded awful.

Other than that, my most embarrasing on stage experience is that I have none.
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Big family gathering. I started to do one of my own soft acoustic songs and during the intro I popped my g string. That's not all. I accidentally said "f*u*c*k*" into the mic.
I was playing "Vasoline" by the Stone Temple Pilots at my 8th grade graduation thing. My drummer was fine at first with that cool opening beat and I was playing with the reverb and feedback on my amp to give a "climaxing squeal". People were enjoying it and I was actually doing a good job singing too.

Then my strap fell off my guitar and I had to get on my knees to keep playing. I couldn't reach the mic to sing, and I missed my entire solo because of it.

Afterwords, everybody is mocking me thinking that I was "posing to look cool" when I got on my knees.

Oh well, the first gig is the worst.
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During a small gig of mine a couple of my friends and me were playing, (I was forced to bass since our other bassist quit on us a few days before) we were in the middle of a song and it came time for my guitarist to change effects on the digital pedal he had, BUT he left the pedal on the top of his amp. Instead of just skipping the effect, (no one would have noticed; we were playing originals) he stopped playing completely, walked over to his pedal, bent down, pushed the button, and then continued playing with no warning when he was going to start again. The drummer and I gave each other a "wtf" look, and then continued playing.
This one time, back when I was REALLY into squeal-type guitar noises, my amp busted apart and everyone at the venue saw the tied-up 8-year-old girl screaming into a mic....

just dropped picks and knocked my guitar outta tune a few times. Nothing big. Most folks I know are pretty chill about it and will just write it off as, "Shit happens."
Working backstage on school musicals - one of the very large, very heavy, segmented wheeled backdrop pieces (they were village houses one side, castle pieces the other) came unscrewed and I had to sneak out onto stage to hold it up so it didn't kill anybody.
Okay, we get to interval alright, then all we have to do is rescrew the set bits and rearrange the entire stage and props for next act.
Only two problems: none of the tech guys thought to turn on the stage lights, so we're trying to find screws in the dark amongst a million other things, and the teacher directing it decided: "Oh, it's only a matinee, let's just have a 3 minute interval."

15 minutes later, the audience are sitting in a dark hall, waiting. And waiting. And waiting..

Myself, musically - it came to my piece at a school concert, I discover that my instrument has been blocked up behind a tonne of people and I have to try and silently climb over boards, tables and chairs to get it. Then when I went to perform I was so nervous I forgot to turn up the volume on my guitar. Luckily it was acoustic.

Also, getting hit in the face by a mic when some kid runs into the mic stand.

EDIT: And my first ever performance:
I was at a Relay for Life event, just filling in a fifteen minute spot between main acts. Now, at Relay for Life people walk around doing laps of an oval, they don't really stop and pay attention to who's playing, and besides there'd just been radio music playing to fill in gaps before, so they probably didn't even realise I was there. But knowing that doesn't stop the hurt when only two people clap, one of whom IS YOUR MOTHER.
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The lead singer in my old band had us play 'Rock you like a Hurricane' by the Scorpions. Unfortunately, he forgot to inform us of his past instances of freezing up in front of a crowd. So the song consisted of the guitars, bass, and drums, and his standing ackwardly behind the microphone mumbling to himself, until the chorus came in where he would beign to sing.
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Only thing is that i started laughing pretty hard once.

Other than that my shows go down perfectly. My band rehearses the setlist about 20 times before each show.
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