i have a mesa 50-watt combo
so i turn on the power
go mix a drink or have a smoke of the potato
flip on the standby
start playing at apartment-building levels (for about 20 mins)
not very loud
put the guitar down for a while
come back later start playing and the amp got


is it possible that my amp gets louder the longer its been on? or are my ears becoming more sensitive? or has it perception thing? i don't know, but i can't concientiously turn play at the same level as when i first turned it on
What be a smoke of the potato? I've never heard that expression before. Strange.

It shouldn't get louder, but if the potato is a joint, it could just be you.
It could get louder...
But not THAT much louder.
Especially not the way your describing it.
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Yeah, once the tubes get warm enough to pass current (ie. you can hear anything at all) it's not long before they're operating as well as they're going to.

This is probably a psychological effect.
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Substitute the stage for the wire, and he's got it.
it shouldnt get THAT much louder, maybe a little. probably just you or possibly you bumped the volume and didnt notice.
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