I wanted to try something new..writing bullshit lyrics that turn out pretty good. Something i heard from Billy Corgan.

Pulled tea, these eyes are heavy
These times are weary, this bed breaks satin stones
Harder, I don't quite feel it
I barely see it, this king will dig for coal

And miners break bread like minors
Fetch me a lighter my personal savior
Son watch the setting sun torch
Blend me a sweater made of woolen liquor

Flowers, do you like hours just lying on the beach?
My roses seem a little dead turn them over and think their pretty instead
Self-deprecation, I should've been a little late
Red dresses makes me irate, with pet peeves couldn't get a better date


Bubbles hooked on to baubles
Pick up a bible, there's nothing for you in jail
High walls tainted with paint balls
I'm Andy Warhol i paint The Scream with an anemic pen

So long, did you like folk songs playing on the stage?
My lines were frail and oven-baked, chewed loudly and sneezed on your plate
My trepidation, I shouldn't be a second late
White dresses lights my face red, with cold feet couldn't get another date
My motivation, I'll never be a second late
Scale all your twenty jagged gates, to your door and ask for another date