I made a thread a few weeks ago about a bridge humbucker selection. And after some extensive youtube surfing, I'm pretty set on tossing the invader and giving the JB a try.

so anyway...

I also want to try a different set of single coils as well. Ive been searching around alot on Musiciansfriend but I cant seem to find a set i think is right for me.

Im wanting something hotter sounding than the stocker fender single coils, which do sound fantastic but they just dont have enough balls for my taste. Paired with the SH-8 invader I so foolishly selected for the bridge, it creates a HUGE contrast in volume, and the cleans on it are very obscure.

I play everything on this Strat from Blues to Grunge to Hard Rock to Alternative to punk and a little bit of metal when Im feeling it.

I'm looking to steer clear of the Mini humbuckers because i want to keep that traditional strat sound, im just looking for higher output.

anybody with experience modifying one of these have any suggestions? i know i need one normal and one reverse wound... but im really not sure where to start looking
2008 M.I.A. HSS Strat
Marshall JCM 900 50w Dual Reverb
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Ok... if you want a single coil i recommend EMG-SA's for a humbucker an EMG-81 EMG-85 or possibly an EMG-60 or a pair of Duncan humbuckers. look into it before you buy anything.
I've got 2 HSS Strats, both of which have JB's in the bridge. In one, I put Seymour Duncan Antiquity's in the neck and middle. I like them the best. To me, they sound like a Strat is supposed to sound...like Jmi's guitar. They're a little pricey, but worth it.
In the other, I put Fender Texas Specials in. They're cool too. A little hotter and a little brighter.
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seth's daddy.... I saw a demo of the antiquitys in a strat and i really was digging the tones the dude had. and i was giving them consideration but i cant find them on like musiciansfriend or anything like that.

are they available with black covers?
2008 M.I.A. HSS Strat
Marshall JCM 900 50w Dual Reverb
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