Through out all the decades, we have seen musical genres just explode and really take a hold of the masses. The 50s and 60s had Rock and Roll, the 70s had Rock, the 80s had Metal and Pop, the 90s had Grunge, the 20xxs ? What do you think the next big genre of music will be (not because you like it, but because it is truely that powerful and people will take to it like a fish takes to water)?
Anybody that uses Auto-tune.
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
Been done before 100 times.

And it's pretentious Australian symphonic prog metal. In a movement led by a band called Necrostroodel. You just wait.
1600's style symphonies, producing the br00tlz

just think of the high pitch violins for pinch harmonics and the thunder of the deep tympani's chug'a'chugging
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corecore, it will happen.

so, lyk hardcore then?
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Music made solely out of samples of farts. Miley Cyrus will also sing every song.
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I think our time will be remembered for the spread of accessible diversity of music because of the internet, not just for one genre. This has been done many times before.
I'm actually noticing people getting more and more into heavier music. Also.. With bands like Kings of Leon, indie seems to be getting pretty popular.

Whether or not more extreme forms of metal will be the next big thing... I cannot say. However.. I doubt it. Rap seems to be holding on pretty strong, as does alt rock.

Edit:: Polish Sausage also has a good idea.
Stuff like Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Late of the Pier, Ratatat, Cymbals Eat Guitars, etc.

I would almost put money on it. If it doesn't reach the center of the mainstream, then it will hover around the edges, and be like The Fray, or Augustana. Lots of people know about them, and know their songs, but they aren't the center of pop attention.
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I can see 70's Stadium Rock making a return. It seems that majority of the people i meet enjoy older music as long as it is very "big" sounding.
ffs ive seen dozens of these, and im barely exagerating
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Pschedelic rock and folk music ala Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!!!


I don't know what it will be worldwide but pschedelic rock is pretty big is the Australian underground with bands like Wolf & Cub, Tame Impala and Regular John.
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im wanting to say blues, but that won't happen.

its going to be techno pop shit.
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Bluegrass Core or Farmer Rap
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Eh, it seems to me like Rap and Indie are the two styles that have really exploded this decade.

Hopefully (real) Metal will begin to catch on more..
mixed genres,bands like Living Colour
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