What would be the effect of using high gauged flatwounds with high distortion?
if there are any bands the use them could u please list them?

im kinda broke rignt now so its a good time to ask for opinions before i go and buy when i have money again
They're more of a warmer sound, I think. Might get muddy.
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I think dave mustaine uses flatwounds and he sounds good.
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Not all flatwounds are the same. There are some out there with a brighter tone. You would have to get em online as few stores are going to carry them. Another thing is they are more expensive. A set of round wound might be 5$ a set of flats will be almost 10$. Ive tried em and did like em, they do play a little different and things like pick scrapes dont work so well. But availability and cost were a problem.

They tend to get used by jazz guys so things kinda got designed with their needs in mind. As there is little demand by other players companies dont see a need to make a wide variety and stores wouldnt want to keep em for the very few people who would want them.

But it could be one of those things where there is no demand as there is no supply. More metal players might use em if brighter ones were in stores.