is the seymour duncan hot rails a good "humbucker in a single coil space " ???

im playing pop punk / punk rock , heavey metal /thrash metal ( no new metal and drop tuning ) ... think, green day , blink , iron maiden . a lot of palmmuting stuff .

would i see a difference form a regular single coil ???

basically is : is there such thing as a humbucker in a single coil space ??? does it work ?

thx .

i dont wanna have to dig into a guitar and have a pickguard built for it .
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iron maiden use them dont they, Janick and Dave I think, and yes they work, and are fairly popular for strats
RIP Gooze

euh its not for my hss strat ...

its for another strat ( S/S/S).. its for the bridge position . for palmmuting .

my current amp is playing through amplitube , modelling like v-amp2 with a couple of pedal . , POD etc...

i play only in my bedroom for now .
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- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
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yeah its for a squier mini ... the hole is there ( its universal routing) .. but a new squier mini pickgaurd is impossible to find unless you wanna spend 100$ for a custom one . id rather stay with the single coils for the mini.
ill change the pots to 500 k also .
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- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
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theres no such as a child guitar for me . i have small fingers and i loved 3/4 sized guitar .

i dont play lead guitar a lot ... not a lot of solo ... mostly rythm .
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- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim
I have the Guitar Fetish knock off rails. I have a set of 3 in my SSS strat. I did some funky wiring so each pickup can be single coil, or wired in parallel or series. Have some out of phase options. I can get a huge array of tones, from a real squawky almost tele-sound, to a great lead tone to everything in between. Its nice to be versatile when you only have 1 guitar and want to try and play metal, rock, blues. In series mode, you get a fairly highout humbucker sound. In parallel mode, you get a smoother, almost single coil sound, but still higher output than the single coil mode and still humcancelling.
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You don't need to buy a squier pickguard. You have two obvious solutions available to you:
1. Cut/file the current guard to enlarge the hole to fit a humbucker
2. Buy a blank guard (ie a rectangular piece) and cut it out using your original pickguard as a template.
That material is pretty easy to cut.
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There are several rail-type pickups around so its worth getting to know them. Hot rails are great but night be a little too hot. SD also do a cool rails with a bit lower output and there are a few cheaper options, Like Wilde, Irongear and the GF ones.
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Excellent pick ups. I have one in the bridge in a tele and people are amazed at how good it sounds. Really full, rounded and balanced.

For very low/heavy stuff I wouldn't recommend them, but for the bands you've listed, definitely.