hello, all

so tomorrow i'm going to pick up a 1976 fender bassman head (silverface, wired back to blackface. im ecstatic. i know there are a ton of threads on multiple sites that explain hooking up a head and a cab, but i need help. i still can't figure it out.

the bassman's output impedance is 4 ohms. i have a fender dt-412 cab that says 8 ohms parallel, and has to imput jacks in the back. will this work? how do i hook it up? why are there 2 inputs on my cab? please help!
i jazzmasters
You could potentially run an 8 ohm cab with a 4 ohm amp but I would not risk it. My advice always is to match. The two inputs on the back are probably for either running the cab in stereo or daisy chaining two cabs together.

We need to know more about this cab, specifically what each speaker impedance rating is how the speakers are wired together (series or parallel). I mean physically draw it out and take pictures - not repeat what you said above.
I've been running my Bassman at 8 ohms for years. They have some pretty beefy transforms so they can handle the 4 8 mismatch. But only plug into one jack on the cab.
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