So the gadget show were running the same poll, what do you think is the best gadget or piece of tech of the decade?

I would probably say Ipod/Hard Disk Players, Hi Def technology, and not really an invention but filesharing.
Those George Foreman grills, without a doubt. Fuck the LHC, that guy knows where shit's at.

Edit: Or Shamwow's, those things are mindblowing.

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could be Ipod or Iphone

Only if you're talking about some bizarre ability to gouge people for what can only be described as ludicrous amounts of money.
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Widely available broadband technology, I'd say that's been the most significant development this decade.
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I would say the Snuggie is trying to sneak in before the end of the decade... lol
now, if someone could make a snuggie out of sham-wow's, we would reach the climax of technology as we know it.
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Widely available broadband technology, I'd say that's been the most significant development this decade.

That btw. Although Australia is still in the ****ing stone age.
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Portable Mass Storagee FTWW!!


think about, cameras, mem cards/sticks, mp3 players, would hardly be as cheap as they are now
touch screens?
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Broadband, iPods, the current generation of games consoles (360 and Wii kick ass!), WiFi, the iPhone.
This decade's been a bit of a high-tech revolution, really. The one I'd actually contest is Hi-Def/HD - I mean, you need a MASSIVE screen to see the difference, and it's mega-expensive. I wouldn't buy it willingly. Then again, I may be biased as my mum won an HD TV and Sky+ HD in a competition...

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