So, I need help choosing between two boutique style amps - I'm looking for plexi type tone at bedroom volumes - gigging isn't a problem as I can be mic'd easily for any small gigs I play. The two amps I'm looking at are the Cornell Plexi 7 and the Hayden MoFo + its matching 1x12" can. Both handwired in the UK, both with the ability to turn right down so they can be cranked in a bedroom, and both about the same price. I'm looking for an amp which takes boosts and other pedals that go in front of the amp well (wah, compression) but I don't use many loop effects, so I'm not too worried about fx loop vs no fx loop. What do the people of the GG&A tell me?
I would go for a Blackstar Artisan or perhaps a Bogner Alchemist.
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