Hi (again),
I have bought many strings, this year I have actually gotten into guitar more than my beggining year (2008), i Have broken many strings and i have bought new ones with differnt gages, since i have no idea what im doing anyway I was wonder what is the best string gages for these tunings:
Standard Tuning & Dropped D & Dropped B (Rock, Grunge, Metal, Blues) for one guitar
Open C# Tuning (C#G#C#G#C#C#) (Grunge, Rock) for the slightley crapper guitar.
Drop B for grunge and blues,what the hell's going on around here?
And also note that there are a lot of Standard tunings. From E to E an octave below and more. But I take it that you mean E standard.
E standard-gauge 9-10,9 is the best for it,10 is if you want a thicker sound but harder to play as you might've guessed. Not very hard but still slightly harder.
Drop D-9-10 works as well. 9 might make your lower E (or D in this case) play sloppy but nothing you can't get used to.
D standard- 9-10 gauge,tho you might wanna use a 10 or 11 even if your guitar scale's larger (25.5) because you'll feel kinda sloppy. Besides you get an even thicker tone out of it. Awesome eh?
Drop C-10 or 11, you might like the feel of a Light top-heavy bottom string gauge pack. They come in 9-48 10-50 and etc. Tho I prefer the heavier gauges (thicker tone FTW)
Drop B- It's just a half-tone lower but still you might find it sloppy even with 11 gauge strings. My personal favourite (on a 25.5 scale guitar)-Ernie Ball 12-56. Awesome thickness,wonderful for lower tunings. If you feel it's too rough on you try a 11 or,once again, a light top heavy bottom set. Phil Demmel from Machine Head uses such a set. 10-54 or 10-56 can't remember. But you'll need a thick lower string. At least 54.
Open C# tuning-for this tuning I'd recommend you get yourself a 10 gauge and deal with it. You might feel it's sloppy but hey,it'll be easy to play and it'll be the best option
All it's really down to is personal preference.

Standard: 9s/10s
Drop D: Skinny top Heavy bottom? Or just 9s/10s
Drop B: I never play that low. I would say 12's, maybe even 13s.

I have no idea about Open C. Perhaps a custom set? :S

Anyway my point is everyone has different opinions. I have seen people play with 11's in standard tuning, but their fingers might as well be made of rock :P
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10-52 does drop B decently.
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I use 11s for dropped D, and I don't find it sloppy!
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My SE22 is drop tuned to a Bb two steps down. This type of tuning is actually pretty common with modern rock/grunge. I have 12 gauge strings on it right now. I actually had to carefully file the nut for a couple of them to fit. I might go to 13s. I found that if I don't go with heavier strings, I have to really raise the action to avoid fret buzz as the thinner strings get too sloppy.

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I find a 9-10 hybrid gage works best for E standard, giving you heaver bottom strings and light, fast top strings.

I think that Skinny Top heavy Bottom's (10-52) works absolutely amazing for D standard/Drop C, and that a 13-62 works great in Bb standard.

I'm still working on what string gages work best with C#/Drop B and C standard though. I think that set of 12's or 11's would work great though.
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12's in drop B would be fine. I have 12's in C# and it's perfect.
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I only use '16s because I play exclusively in Drop Z. That's metal right there.
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I've consistently used .11s for standard, and it works really well, they feel great.