thanks everyone for the advice i got btw, i decided on the peavey valveking half stack and its now on the way,
however, ive heard that the distortion on this amp is not so great for metal, especially the really distorted stuff. ive now decided to purchase a distortion pedal aswell, does anyone have any ideas? money isnt an issue
Digitech Hardwire Metal Distorion and Blackstar Ht-DistX are both well worth checking out. My brother also has a Krank Distortus Maximus (I think it was called that) which is also capable of some seriously ballsy, bad-ass tones.

Also, when I had a Peavey ValveKing 212 combo, I ran my Boss Me-20 in front of the thing, and for the heavy stuff I used the distortion models on the pedal and it sounded pretty awesome. The problem was that the distortion overrode the amps own characteristics at high volumes, and didn't sound that good. I got very good results with the MXR Zakk Wylde overdrive when I used it to boost the amps own od higher. Problem with that was, I needed 2 noise gates, one after the Wylde Overdrive, one in the fx loop. I know it sounds odd, but if I didn't use both gates, the noise and squealing were pretty awful.

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thx for the advice, looked at the ones you mentioned, it would be between the blackstar and krank if i chose outta those three, i really want it to keep the characteristics of the amp while amplifying the distortion if you know what i mean
The Blackstar and Krank pedals are nice, although you could probably do metal using an OD and an EQ with it.
First off why did you make two threads for this?

Second, why did you buy an amp that you feel isn't going to suit your needs? There are amps that would probably have been a better choice than the VK that you could have got for around the same price.