Has anyone got any advice and ideas on how i can combat my pick slipping whilst playing when my hands become sweaty? Even though its winter it has been happening lately and really bothering me. Thanks.
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Take a razor and score some x's into both sides of the pick.
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Snarling Dog makes .88 "Brain" picks with grip on 'em. That was my first box of picks, and I'm really pretty happy with 'em.
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get picks with grip Jim Dunlop Gator Grip Picks


I use the Gator Grip picks and they really work for me, too. Also, try experimenting with your picking technique and the angle at which you pick, if that makes sense.
I always punch a hole in my picks (with a hole puncher, no less ) and I carve the inside if the hole out so it get's rough and digs into my finger more.

What I'd like to see is a pick that has the gripping similar to the handle of a Colt 1911
Dunlop Jazz IIIs (and other ones too) have texture built into the plastic that makes them easy to hold. They're a great pick for nearly everything, including rock and metal (despite the name).
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used some really rough sand paper on the end of the pick you hold. Also I tend to bite mine a little bit.
Gorilla Snot. It's made for drummers so they dont lose their sticks but it works great to keep your fingers picky sticky.

There are plenty of manufacturers that make picks with holes and grippies on them. Check MF
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