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How rare is a Sunburst Strat Custom with two humbuckers.

BUY IT!!!! First, let me see it, though
they're a dime a dozen... i'll give you a dime for it... it's a good trade I swear...

for real, it's hard to say with out pics/serial numbers...
anyone could have put those humbuckers in there. its a tough call how rare it is, without the year it was made and serial#.
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Fender did a run of "Big Apple" Stratocasters which had H-x-H configurations and i've seen a few here and there. I wouldn't say they're rare but they were discontinued after some time in production (I'd guess around 6 or 7 years) so the only way to get one now is used or NOS if you can find it.

Like i said, they don't seem rare by any means and they don't seem to be worth a whole lot. I recall one on craigslist going for $500 if i remember correctly.