Sorry if there is a thread on this I've checked pretty thoroughly.

Yesterday I purchased a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, I'm looking for a guide or something that talks about how to properly care for a strat, (cleaning, setting it up, ect).

Just wanna make sure I treat my baby right. haha

You asked this in your thread the other day, but there is no set "maintenance" to perform outside of what you normally do to a guitar. Change the strings every so often, clean it if you want, and adjust the set up once in a while, if need be.

For cleaning the guitar, you can buy guitar polish, string cleaner, fretboard conditioner, etc. For setups, fender has a guide on fender.com, but don't do something you're not comfortable with. There's a set up thread at the top of the forum if you run into any specific questions or problems.
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fender.com has a lot on it.
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In case you have a slight case of OCD about your gear, it's always helpful to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. These are also used on pro camera lenses and won't scratch your baby. Place as much dessicant inside the case so it'll stop any pitting/rusting of the bridge, screws, tuners, etc.

I don't like my gear to get dinged up and I try to not leave my DNA on them.

If you have a look there are some good books on maintaining guitars that go into alot of detail about setting and maintenance. The one I used to learn about guitar maintenance was "how to make your electric guitar play great!" by Dan Erlewine. It has alot of useful tips and advice that you can make use of. There are other good book out there as well.
you can buy books on guitar maintenance and care for like $20 if you want the info to be that detailed.
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fender.com has a lot on it.

This seriously. It's got most of what you need, recommended action in millimetres etc.