do Ibanez JEM's use a standard input jack or is there something special for them?
I just got a JEM body for my little project i'll be working on after christmas and there's like a routed in section for the input jack, do i put a standard jack in this or is there something made for the job (like an S series jack)


(oh, and project thread with pics n shit up soon )
The JEMS jack is recessed into the body....if thats what you mean. And at an angle.

Check out jemsite.com and you can prob find out real quick.
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Well, I have a JEM body here and can see that it's recessed into the body.
what i mean is do i just put a standard input jack in there and lock it in against the wood using the nut or is there some kind of plate i can get for it?
Should just come with a washer and that'll work, but its usually just the nut keeping the damn thing on. But yes, a standard jack should fit just fine, and if it dosent, then get a bunch of different types, their like $2 each, shouldent be much of a problem.