Can i get tabs with guitar chords on it for guitar pro 5 because im not all ways on line and it helps me to learn songs please help.

btw i rely recommend getting guitar pro
acoustic chords like c,g,dm etc can guitar pro show them i tryed getting let it be and it did not show the chords just like the part i did not want
Ok, open up a blank new document in guitar pro.

Then hit the "A" key. A menu should pop up that says chords. Select the chord you want, ie Am. then it will show you the proper fingering for that chord.
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Hi. Can someone tell me which guitars are real 24 fret guitars and which are just 22 fret guitars with 2 extra frets added on?
Cheers Thank you you helped me a lot
The First Thing You Learn Is Scales Then Chords and When Your redy You Can Learn wax On Wax Off

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Hi, im new. I want upload my Great gp4 tab of a song for Days, but I cant see where could I upload it, so it would be there among the other tabs of that song. Please reply, thanks!