Thing is I'm a singer and bassist in a metal band, so I was looking forward to covering some Slayer, but I noticed almost every song NEEDS to be played with a pick and I seriously prefer playing with my fingers... Could you guys suggest me some Slayer songs thay I could play with my fingers while singing?

Thanks in advance!
Can I ask why they need to be played with a pick?
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They don't actually need to but it's much easier. And I'm singing while playing, kinda a beginner at that so I wanted to know some songs with which I could start off.
either work on your finger picking speed and singing together, or slow it down to eighth notes instead of sixteenth or something, i sometimes end up doing the latter myself
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Everything up until South of Heaven was done fingerstyle.
yeah, this.

Most of their modern stuff that's slower is easy too, like Eyes of the Insane.
Tom only started to use pick after RIB? I thought he moved to pick earlier.
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Tom only started to use pick after RIB? I thought he moved to pick earlier.

Nope, RIB and earlier was all fingers. It was during the recording of South of Heaven where the producer got Tom to try pick. Now, think about how fast Raining Blood is, and how hard it'd be to play and sing to fingerstyle Araya has chops.
Half the speed, but see if you can make it a goal to get that fast in the future.

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