Poll: Do you play Mount & Blade?
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View poll results: Do you play Mount & Blade?
5 24%
9 43%
Shoop da whoop !
7 33%
Voters: 21.
Mount & Blade sounds like a deadly sex position....
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Quote by blizzboy
Mount & Blade sounds like a deadly sex position....

It also sounds like Mountain Blade. I have no idea what that is though TS, sorry...
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I have played it. Lost my serial key though.
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I used to play it. I got my party up to 145 men and I had all the best armor and weapons, so I quit.
Wanna play a game?

You have exactly 21:23sec To find the gaming thread and i suggest you start looking now...
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funny, but with no story to follow, decent quest to do it gets boring soon.
it has the Nicest combat system i've ever seen.
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I play it.

But take it to the gaming thread.
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