Right, so in my last thread people were saying that 15w of valve amp is plenty of volume to get over a drummer easily. Now, basically I play garage rock (the hives, white stripes, black keys, the vines, etc.) and classic rock (led zeppelin, ac/dc).

My plan (amp wise) was to get a clean amp, and put pedals through it suchas the big muff, to get the sound I wanted. But, I've since been recommended the vox ac15- now, I've been searching around on the forum, and people are saying it doesn't have enough clean headroom for the drummer. I don't neccessarily need "clean" headroom, as I don't use cleans (as most of the stuff I play is low-mid range gain, I'd say), but I will be using the big muff occassionally (and some other pedals eventually suchas a wah, whammy) as it gets me some tones I need. So, if I was playing with my band, and it was however loud I needed to be to get over a VERY LOUD drummer, how would a big muff sound through that volume of an ac15?

I'm very confused because people on the forum are saying that 15watts is enough, some are saying its not, and some are saying that you need an ac30 to get over a drummer, whereas others are saying double the volume is 10x the watts and there will only be a tiny difference between a 15 and 30 watt.

Thanks in advance to peeps who help
Every amp, guitarist, drummer, band, room etc is different. There is no answer to that kind of question in all honesty. An AC15 is loud yes, but IMO, if you feel like you need clean headroom, you would be far better off with 30 watts. And yes, 30 watts isn't much louder than 15, but you do get a fair bit more headroom...It's all about what you need, ideally trying out various 15/30 watters with your band.
IMO, 30 watts would do you better
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my 4watt vox ac4tv goes over my drummer... you either turn up or tell him to not hit the heads/cymbals so hard... since you don't care too much about the clean channel, I suggest turning up and getting a nice overdrive tone...
Right now it's a 2 piece band, I'm guitarist, friends drummer (id say hes a "loud drummer", but not sure). We play in a rehearsal room average bedroom size. As we progress we might play some small gigs (maybe 50-100 maximum people house parties/shows). Although, if we got gigging we'd probably buy a PA eventually cuz we're gonna have to buy a PA for vocals anyway. Right now I use a fender frontman (which sucks) 25r, so 25 watts of solid state, and to be honest on max volume its still not really loud enough, I can hear it, but I'd like it to be louder than the drums like you hear on an album; right now they're about the same volume.

Btw if anyone wants to recommend me an amp I have about £400 to spend. And I'll probably buy used.
Valvepower 18w
Laney VC15 or 30
Vox Night Train
Peavey Classic 30
Hayden Mofo
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Dude, if your playing garage rock, you're gonna want some power tubes saturation, so it's not a big deal if don't have enough clean headroom, it's even a good thing IMO. And yes a Big Muff will sound fine through a distorted amp.
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Dude, if your playing garage rock, you're gonna want some power tubes saturation, so it's not a big deal if don't have enough clean headroom, it's even a good thing IMO. And yes a Big Muff will sound fine through a distorted amp.

Excellent! Thanks Sguit!

thanks to all other guys too for replying btw
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Excellent! Thanks Sguit!

thanks to all other guys too for replying btw

Actually, to complete my other post, I'm pretty sure Dan Aucherback often use a Fuzz through an overdriven tube amp.
i'd suggest the AC30. the normal/top boost channels can allow for you to have lower and higher headroom, and also some tonal versatility. i use a matchless DC30 clone and i run it in 15W volume on half and have a just barely breaking up clean sound.

however i amps also sound different with different tube compliments. 30W will give you more headroom and less compression, whereas the 15W will give you less headroom, greaty compression and a bit of elasticity to the sound.

after about 50% volume the poweramp section of any amp really starts to compress. what this means is turning the volume from 1-2 will jump alot and 8-9 will be very insignificant but increase distortion. the AC30 will definately have the clean headroom to keep up with a drummer, as well as the ability to overdrive without overpowering.

another advantage of the AC30 is that the poweramp is slightly tighter/stiffer. i prefer this when using pedals so that it has a cleaner reproduction of the sound. as well as the 30W power amp you have the normal channel as well. here you can turn up both channels to unity gain and find the top boost side to be a little more aggressive and driven than the normal channel. you can run your pedals into the normal channel because it will be slightly cleaner and without a tone stack it has less circuitry, giving it better reproduction of signal when using pedals. A/B box between the dry top boost for a mild crunch/aggressive clean and the normal channel for your OD pedals.
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Valvepower 18w

+1, if the 18 watts is enough. It doesn't have too much headroom, but it sounds awesome. it's a clone of a marshall 18 watter.
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