So for winter break were going to washington dc for two days. I think were going to be in the george town area and wanted to know If theres anything cool we should check out?

I heard that, like, the White House and stuff is pretty cool and stuff. Yeah.
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all the black people. hear they're quite the tourist attraction this time of year.
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i live 20 min outside of dc. your better off checking out the cool shit in the city and not the boring shit like buildings and statues. espn zone is baller. any people on the street are entertaining too. stay away from tours
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umh... pretty much don't go to the white house or capital or anything like that. you'll waste a whole day just trying to get into the white house. also i know it sounds homo but the Botanical Gardens does this christmas thing during the winter and they have all sorts of stuff, Ive been to it twice and its neat. also you gotta eat at Five Guys Burgers. just trust me on that one
I live about 15 miles away, and I've always liked the Memorials in D.C. Vietnam, Korea, Jefferson, Lincoln, etc. The Smithsonian is always interesting as well. I would say the White House and the Capitol are worth stopping by, but don't bother getting a tour. Good photo spots though, just to show you were there.
Stay away from SE D.C though, especially at night. Not a good place after dark.
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the eiffel towers pretty sweet
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