take a journey through space with me. lol. its an old instrumental i made a long time ago. i put it into my loop pedal and then played it through my amp. sounds a lot better through the amp. unfortunatly, the camera had trouble picking up all the parts. the low end it seems was hard for it to pick up.

anyway, all parts were improvised. the progression i went over once before recording it and everything else i just did on the spot. let me know what you think. im going to try and re-record it with better stuff sometime in the future. there is a slow motion vocal track in there but due to poor mixing by me, you cant really hear it until the end. plus its quite low and the camera seemed to have trouble picking up the low end stuff.
You should re-mix or re-record it................the sound quality is so bad, it's hard to hear or appreciate any of the music. I'm sure you've got some good stuff in there, I just can't hear it.
yeah i know. my camera had trouble getting it all. theres a version in my profile should be better. its not great though. the problem is that i dont have access to the original. the thing i recorded it on belonged to my high school. it would be hard to remake it though because its all improv'd and i dont remember all the effects i used unfortunatly lol. im going to try though.
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