For those who haven't had the chance of knowing about that contest, well do now!

Anyways, I'm just in search of constructive feedback on my technique/playing and such.
Don't mind the tone too much please, I know it's fugly, but it was done before I had any real experiences with my DAW.


I don't even know why you needed to post this! haha

Your technique is stellar, and the tone is fine, except maybe the guitar could come down a couple of DB in the mix to make it blend a bit more evenly. But that is just matter of preference I guess.

good luck!

Btw, what daw are you using?

You can check my stuff out if you want, but it sucks in quality compared to yours, bro

So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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Thanks man, and well, I decided to post this to get some crits and some views obviously, but I could use some constructive feedback !
As for the solo track being so high, it was requested in the contest rules that it should be high enough, but I guess you are right and I could've come down a few DB.
I'm using Cubase LE4, it came with my PreSonus FireBox.

Cheers for the crit!
You have real good technique, especially playing on a distortion like that. It sounds kinda scratchy, and almost RSE like lol. Your playing however is great. I didn't like the backing track to it though, your playing style just doesn't seem to fit, especially when your using nothing but diatonic scales (could be wrong, I think your using your modes quite a bit) although the backing was pretty simple for jazz fusion also. I think the backing sounds kind of pale and generic. Your sense of melody is also extremely good. Hope you win though! That was solid. Keep it up.

Crit mine?

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