hey guys recently iv been replaced in my band by two girl singers one of which who plays guitar so they said theres no point having 3 guitarists! as we had two but then these two girls came along :/ bummer i know. so im going solo. im only 14 YEARS OLD so i need some help.

i know what recording software im going to use cubase

i have a peavey valve king 100 watts atm so i will use that clean and distortion setting. what i want help on is.

what equipment should i use to record into the program eg. mic etc so i get my peavey valve king distortion in the computer at its finest quality.

and is cubase the best program for me??

i will be adding drums base etc on the program, thanks for your help.

oh yeah a quick video of my ability remember 14 years old so no harsh comments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SBBNSWuqCI
SM57 for micing Cab. industry standard
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thanks can you tell me how exactly i record it into cubase with just a mic? or do i need a thing which converts it into to usb or what?

you will need some sort of audio interface. working on a thread that has lots of info on them. its got a few reviews now that you can look at for now here.