Hey guys,

I'm a relative newbie here, so all help greatly appreciated.

An idea: Any chance of offering some acoustic guidance ala what's offered in the "Need halp..." thread of the Techniques forum?

I learned to play acoustic at a young age, and though I've played electric, it's not my favorite. I'd love to get some tips from the advanced players here.

I'm planning on making some YouTube videos of my practice sessions if I can get any volunteers to help me

Currently working on fingerstyle from Tommy Emmanuel and also Chet Atkin's thumb and fingerstyle.


well post up some vids and we'll check em out

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ah come on guys, good or bad, there's got to be some critique. Don't be shy

Or did I put this in the wrong place?
i think it sounds pretty good! like you said yourself in the video, the song isn't really about speed. definitely accuracy over speed in a song like this. just keep practicing the chord changes. i'd practice chord changes, then picking.

the only other thing i can think of is you might want to try another song or two besides this one and practice them at the same time. if i practice one song for too long i burn out and lose interest in it, so i try to learn a few songs at once. i switch from one song to another when i start to feel like i'm getting tired of it.
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nice start, and thanks for sharing your practice session with us.

i'd suggest you practice the song slower till you've got it down, then speed it up bit by bit. if it's boring that way, maybe you can practice around the few spots where you have issues with the changes till you have the changes down. as michael angelo batio says, you've got to practice slow before you can play fast. he's one of the fastest guitar players in the world, btw, and i found what he says is true long before i had every heard of him.

as far as hand strength, that will come with more practice. if you want to speed up the process, get a gripmaster - they actually do work!

btw, i know a surprising number of players who play with the meat of their fingertips rather than with their nails.
Thanks. Actually I hadn't practiced that for about a month cause I've been working on Tommy Emmanuel's Angelina.

The thing is, it seems to be going so slow, cause, on Bells of St Marys, I learned that about 5 months ago as my very first fingerpicking song (I had never asttempted fingerpicking before that). Then, about a month ago, I heard Angelina, and have been working on that as a method to incorporate another song to avoid boredom, so the video upload was the first I'd played Bells of St Marys in a month.

Thanks for the comments.